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I would like to write and share my experience with Cocoon Styling - and owner Karin Rysgaard. I contacted Karin about 2 months ago, as was moving into a new apartment, and had a 4 month old baby at the time. Initially, I was quite anxious - all I wanted was a cosy and beautiful apartment space in which I'd feel serene and happy, knowing I would be spending a lot of time at home.

Karin put me at ease immediately while we first discussed my vision. She took my ideas and worked with the colors I liked, to develop the exact concept I was looking for. We went together on a shopping trip, and she was very hands on re arranging my existing furniture and decor to make best use of the space. Even when I wasn't on her time, she was always available to share honest feedback over the phone and encouraged me to send photos of additional pieces I was considering purchasing. Making the whole process much easier. Once all the new pieces were delivered, Karin came and made it beautiful with her magic touch, she also had her handy man to hang photos, pictures and mirrors. Along with the custom cushions she had designed and produced to add the living space.
So to sum up...I love my new place! Everyone thats has visited since always compliments on how stylish the apartment looks, and I have to thank Karin for this!

I highly recommend Cocoon Styling and will always be thankful for the creation of such a special space for our little family.

Sarah Haji Singapore

I can highly recommend Karin Rysgaard from Cocoon Styling! I recently had my dining chairs reupholstered, excellent workmanship and the colour Karin recommended is very complementary to my colour palette. Karin also helped me with choosing coordinating cushions and a rug to add warmth to my home. My project is not complete yet as I still need a few furnishings for my home, but the best thing with working with Karin is not only her lovely energising personality but she is always available to answer any questions. ..even when she is away

Linda Preece Singapore

ReUpholstery/removeable covers - Recommendation. Karin Rysgaard of Cocoon Styling recently helped me with the re-vamping of two sofas - lovely quality fabric, great workmanship and competitive pricing, highly recommend! Karin also offers home styling services (helped me find a great new use for a large cabinet I had no idea what to do with!)

Janet Macnaughton Singapore

I just wanted to share that I had a great experience with Karin Rysgaard from Cocoon Styling. My living room looked like a dorm room for the under 5 set, complete with magic marker on the back of the couch and unmatched everything. Karin helped me pick out new fabric and reupholster my couch and chair. She also ordered custom pillows and helped me pick out accessories that pulled the whole room together. 

Pamela Fahey Singapore 


I wanted to thank you, for the AMAZING styling that you did with my home. You made it look absolutely stunning!  
Thank you so much for your golden touch. I really appreciate it, and I will be promoting you and your company to all my friends!

Utami Sugianto
Space Designer

I recently moved to Singapore and when my shipment arrived I found myself totally flummoxed as to how to put my new home together, having moved from a house on two floors to an open-plan apartment. Thanks, Karin Rysgaard, for helping me organize and set everything up, using the furniture I already had without making me buy loads of expensive new stuff. Also for respecting my own personal style, rather than simply imposing your own. My new apartment is finally feeling like home!

Eva - Singapore

Dearest Karin, 

A huge thank you for making our gallery space come to life and filled with great energy. You nailed immediately the spirit of our gallery space and delivered an experience that we know our corporate and private clients will want to be part of. You are the ultimate space uplifter! Merci beaucoup!

Olivier Henry - M.I.L.K Photographie

I recently had a great experience with Karin Rysgaard from Cocoon Styling. 

Karin kept my budget in mind, and the fact that I still have young children, who need a comfortable place to hang out. My living room looked like a dorm room for the under 5 set, complete with magic marker on the back of the couch, and unmatched everything. During our first consultation Karin was able to give me some clear and practical advise that would improve the space dramatically. Karin seemed to understand the needs of our family. She helped me on a personal shopping trip, to scout out some new accessories to give my space the fresh and contemporary look we were working towards. We also moved some of the pieces I already owned into other rooms, where they made more sense. Karin helped me pick out new fabric and reupholstered my sofa, chair and custom made cushions, that pulled the whole room together. Overall it was a great experience and my whole family is very happy with the result”

Pamela Fahey - Singapore.

Fabulation has worked with Karin on a number of projects and her style is clearly why each of her projects are so beautifully executed. She is extremely professional, and from a business perspective, very accurate with you on the time and budget it takes for her to complete her projects. It allows for us to build Cocoon into our business services. The key to Cocoon is the beauty it creates.”

Nick Oxborrow - Director at Fabulation - Singapore

After living in Singapore for 7 years, I wanted a Sentosa lifestyle that would truly capture what I loved about living in the tropical South East Asia.  For me, the centrality of Singapore (and Sentosa) allows me to combine a regional work role in Asia, whilst capturing the tropical lifestyle I love. I wanted the outdoors with boating, kayaking, running, biking, & swimming, whilst still being able to retreat to a private patio at home for a morning coffee or twilight champagne overlooking the boats on the waterways.
That was the brief I shared with Karin of Cocoon. Having carefully selected a ground floor apartment, overlooking palm trees, boats on a private canal, Karin transformed a blank canvas condo with cold white walls, floors and ceilings into my dream home. 
My home is a reflection of the warmth and lightness of exotic, tropical paradise in Sri Lanka & Bali, accented with treasures of my travels & tropical orchards that I love. My home truly reflects all my passions and interests, thanks to Karin’s amazing ability to understand what is important to me and transform, bespoke style, my existing furniture & new condo, into a loving home that authentically reflects my life. 
I am very happily “Cocooned”!

Christine Mount - Sentosa- Singapore

Cocoon Styling transformed our dark, musty restaurant area into a light, refreshing and romantic haven. Offering our diners the upscale surroundings which they would expect from an Orient Express hotel. The choice of colours used to refurbish our existing furniture and fixtures, the revamped landscaping, personal toches and small details used by Karin impacted greatly. This has been noticed by return guests and local diners frequenting the restaurant. Subtle differences, yet loud enough to hear our guests say "wow, this is a beautiful venue". A observation never uttered before. We are more than happy with the outcome and would recommend Cocoon Styling to anyone who wants a quick fix, or a completely new design concept.

Carla Petzold-Beck

General Manager

Orient Express Hotel - La Residence d'Angkor - Siem Reap

I commissioned Cocoon Styling to re- work the outside terrace areas of my apartment on the West Coast. The balconies were very bare and coupled with a very industrial outlook I felt I needed to "soften" the view but also to continue with the design ethos of the interior of the apartment. Working with Karin was a very enjoyable experience - we worked closely together on the project and she guided me using her encyclopedic knowledge of tropical plants towards the right choices. She took into account not only the aesthetic value of what was planted but also took the harsh environment - exposed sunlight/high winds/sea air that we were up against. I have ended up with an extremely stylish, and importantly for me, low maintenance outdoor areas. These have been planted with a rich variety of plants and shrubs in my own containers which Karin reworked and recycled which helped lower the costs significantly. 

All in all - A great job! - Singapore

I've seen Karin's work in her home and have stayed in the villa in Bali, renovated by Cocoon. Her magnificent touch not only brings a space alive but an energy that transforms into an oasis. Many people have a good eye for special pieces but what makes Karin different is that she has a unique ability to bring energy into a space that makes the soul feel good. If you're considering her to work in your primary or secondary home, I highly recommend that you contact her. - Bali, Indonesia

I had the pleasure of staying in the beautifully renovated villa in Bali. The clever use of the indoor and outdoor spaces was fantastic for entertaining and relaxing. The garden and pool area was well designed and very tasteful. I felt very comfortable due to the calming combination of colours, using mainly neutral tones and textures with touches of blues and greens. I felt connected to the nearby nature and ocean. The decor and interior design were of the highest quality and standard. The open plan living and dining area is airy and connected to the lush tropical garden. The bedrooms are very cool and air conditioned - perfect for a restful night sleep. I loved the outdoor bathrooms - overall it was perfection in paradise. - Bali, Indonesia